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Here there is Babakale village, we are accept every our guests which come here from far and send love from Babakale.

When you stand facing to the sea, you can feel that behind you the vast Asian continent. And you stand on this very point of the Aegean say "Hello". When you're standing at the edge where is finishing the Asian continent and opened the hand you see the amazing beauty of the Aegean Sea, and enjoy the ease of which emanates from the sea. And you know that one step back is begin the Asian continent, and one step forward is beautiful Aegean Sea.

The sun here rises with great joy, and it does not want to go into the sunset. When the sun approached to the horizon, the sun's rays play and change the colors in red and violet.
Babakale village is located in western of Turkey, and is not only the extreme ends of the country, but also the Asian continent. After Babakale land ends and the open Aegean Sea. At the same time, this place is a difference between the Marmara and Aegean seas. Down of the Babakale -Aegean Sea, up of the Babakale- Marmara Sea.

Babakale also has another name-Aquarium, the name comes from the fact that at this place you can see the different fishes which swim up for the deposition of eggs from the Mediterranean sea to the Black sea. The Babakale restaurant you can taste dishes from fish and to watch the evening sunset. Before come your order, for you will be prompted to try a special Ezine cheese in olive oil with cumin.

If you come to Babakale, be sure to taste the fried calamari and shrimp with olive oil. Who is know Babakale sure asked you “did you taste the fried calamari” if your answer was “no” that time they a litle bit upset you. They say a nice old things, “your tooth is also missing”.

To engage by fishing here is destined. Almost all the villagers are fishermen. Usually basement of the house is using for storing fishing nets. In the early morning fishermen go to sea and returned after lunch with the fish, then they are loaded fish and take away to other area by car.

As in other places of the Aegean seat, here is also grown olives and making olive oil, which occupaided an important place in their economic life. Also it is important to note that Babakale is a real fishing village.

Once in Babakale it was done leather shoes. Therе is just one store shoes in Chanakale. Produced shoes were known for their quality, but over time the sector has been forgotten. İt is more important was to make rings and braslets from silver by handmake.

At one time here was a knife store. During the Ottoman Empire was brought to the master of knives from Kazakhstan, he made a particularly swords and knives for the Ottoman army. Today, there are only 2 stores knives. Arriving in Babakale sure to visit the studio of the master Dogan.
Doors of the houses here are absolutely not obscure the key. The owners simply tied a rope to the door, and it means that they will soon come. At every house you can see different colors of rope. If the door is not tied to a rope it means that owners at house. If tied to a free host it means that owners will soon come, and if tied to two nodes it means that owners have left and will not soon come. Despite the development of the technology, the Anatolian people have not changed their lifestyle and habits.

Babakale located very close to everywhere. Where you get off the bus or car you can see 2 cafeteria, which is located under a big tree. On the right is the Babakale castle, from left the mosque, school and office of mayor of the village. A little turn to the northwest you can see the mausoleum of Peksimet Yemez Latif Baba. Restaurant and shop of master Dogan is a five meters from the cafe, bath are located at 50 meters away.

The port is located at 30 meters. Finaly, standing here on the square of the village Babakale, all sights are all around you.
The total population of the village Babakale is 471 people, men- 228, women-243. On the square of the village has a wonderful school.