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At one time there was a store 18th of master of knife. Today, only two families continue this business. History of the creation of knives begins since 1700. The Ottoman empire was in desperate need of a good sword, and then were brought of master from Kazakhstan. Since then, this skills was passed from father to son. Knives made in Babakale have a difference that they are made by handle. They are made from good steel and beautifully handled.

Knife handle may consist of two or six parts. The large blade front part consists of patterns, and these patterns create the master himself, showing his skill. Sheath knives made from wood and then covered by leather. Previously used steel, which were brought from Sicily, and now used by the local steel and imported from France.
Swords made here and sending to Egypt and Damascus. Feature of the swords is that the front part looks inward. All swords, knives are made only by hand.