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In written sources the Babakale mosque, indicated that the mosque was built in 1725 by captain Derya Mustafa Pasha. On the east and west sides have arched doorway to the mosque with a rectangular plan. The walls of the courtyard built of stones. The walls are covered in the form of caps and decorated in the form of a hedgehog. During the restoration the walls were covered with cement.

The main square is designed as a square, opposite a wall has the Qibla, and with left and right side is an extension of the north wall begins public input. Floor of the last entry posted by stones, there are 4 steps after the corridor. Between the corridor and public space has a cast-iron gril. The eastern facade of the last obschestvennogoe place has a stone wall and has no external connection. The western side of the walls is located above sea level, so there was no need to build the wall and therefore put the bars The roof of the last public place is covered with wood, made in the form of diamonds tipe, but in time a bit shattered. Over time, many sides of the mosques were destroyed and during the restoration it was rebuilt.

The main entrance made with marble into the northern part and has a wooden door. At the top of the doors has a round arch with an inscription. Minaret of the mosque is located on the west and to the west door you can climb the stairs. The roof of the main entrance is made of wood and covered with tiles. During the restoration of the lower and the bulk are fixed with cement.

The upper part of the mosque, which has a square shape, is covered by eight massive wooden pillars. İn the women’s side of the mosque, the northern wall is composed by 6 wooden poles.

Main floor space was covered with the original stone and during restoration was broken or replaced. In a place of worship for both sides have 2 post, the top has a 4 round window through which light enters. On both sides of the rectangle at the bottom of the altar, there are 4 windows and decorated by gypsum. In front of both sides is a window. Before entering a mosque made the porch of their tree.

Reason minaret is made from stone and has a cylindrical shape. The minaret was restored in the style of the dome in the XIX century. The inscription in the mosque :

“Others and Latif father have been lit a dark place. Before popularity of the Bababurnu constantly attacked by enemies, and served as a refuge from them. Captain Pasha learned about it, ordered Muslims to stay here and the first thing was he builted this clean temple. Who is always protected by the castle of the temple keeps a history. Written in 1140-1141”.