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İn 1723 Sultan Ahmet III with his navy expedition goes into a storm and decides to stay in the village. Local people knew that the Sultan has the power and decided to seek help for him, so he helped them solve the problem with pirates. After listening to them, he instructed the matter Vizier Ibrahim Pasha and Mustafa Pasha captain. Immediately was a decree issued and sent to all sides of the country, that all prisoners will be directed to construction of the castle, and in return they will get freedom.

Here from all over of the country were brought thousands of prisoners. They have worked tirelessly day and night because they knew that in return they will receive freedom. However, during construction of the prisoners rebelled and killed the captain Derya Mustafa Pasha, but it did not stop to finish construction of the castle. The name of the village Babakale left from name of the castle. After completion of construction of the castle, all prisoners were to live here and for them began a new life.

Prisoners were pave the 5 km of water pipes and thus appeared in the village drinking water. Water source was built in 1726, was of great importance for the Ottoman fleet. Each time the men were recruited water and could use it for many months in the open sea, the water does not spoil and does not lose its taste. Currently, however, the source does not work.

Babakale castle occupies a special place in the history of the Ottoman Empire. Because this is the last castle which was built during the Ottoman Empire. As a local people say that when construction of castle began immediately started building of castle in the same plane in Midili island Molivos town. Every evening litghs of the Molivos castle say hello Babakale.

At the expiration of the time and winds Aegean Sea, the castle and its walls collapsed. Part of the wall began to fall. Now the castle under the protection of government and part of the castle has been restored. Babakale castle was built using limestone and a mixture of sand, and in a rectangular form. In every corner of the castle there are 10 round ball. In the castle go through the big iron gates. At the entrance there is a large corridor and then starts the entrance to the castle.

At the top of the door has an inscription, which is dedicated to those times. "This land was abandoned, sleep soundly. Hated enemy and it was a refuge against the pirates. It settled ideas of Mohammed, the enemies are constantly robbed. Captain Vizier Mustafa Pasha was so close to God and the Sultan and well-treated people. To get rid of enemies at once began building work on the castle. Captain Mustapha Pasha also builted a bathhouse, a spring and a mosque in the village. 

The castle site was occupied by the Turkish-Muslims people. Thanks to Mustafa Pasha, this sturdy and beautiful castle was completed. Built a fortress at the entrance of the Strait, may God keep all of the enemies. "

At the entrance to the castle there is a water source on the left side. And to meet the needs of people and soldiers who lived here had a mosque and several houses. Over time, buildings were broken, and now of them stayed only a foundation. In the south-eastern and north-eastern side of the castle is located right ladder by which one could climb to the top of the castle.