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In the historical sources Bababurnu has an ancient name as Lekton / Lektos. These names are mentioned by Homer in Eliade. Homer’s Eliade tolk about Bababurnu that “they jumped form Lektos to sea and met with sea monsters”.

The story told by Homerus that it was organized competition beauty and it became the emergence of the Trojan War, the wife of the god Zeus, Hera was offended by Aphrodite, who won this competition.

Zeus, the god of gods did not approve this war and acted impartially and remained neutral in this war. The goddess Hera was afraid of losing the support of Zeus. It has developed its own plan, using his charm and fragrance, it lulls Zeus and implements its plan. When the goddess Hera has dressed up and went to the goddess of beauty Aphrodite that she had asked for compensation bra. When she received this gift from Aphrodite throw the mountains and the ocean she found the god of dreamsHypnos.

Hypnos does not want to accept her plan, fearing the wrath of Zeus: but the goddess Hera persuades and promises to give him Pasithea of the goddess beauty. They jumped together from Lektos into sea and for lull of the god Zeus they climbed the mountain.

All of this has been the subject of legends and myths where is Hera jumped to sea from Bababurnu. It was in Babakale.

The whole history of Babakale started since 1723. During a storm at sea, Sultan Ahmet III and his team stayed in the village. Local people knew that the Sultan has the power and decided to ask help from him that he helped them to solve a problem with pirates. After listening to them, he instructed the matter Vizier Ibrahim Pasha and Mustafa Pasha captain. Immediately it was a decree issued and sent to all sides of the country, that all prisoners will be directed for construction of castle, and in return they will get freedom.
When they finished the castle, were also built a mosque, houses and running water. The prisoners were freed and began their new life in Babakale.