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According to the legend that is described in the book Piri Reisin Kitab, the officer who served in the Ottoman fleet has nicknamed "peksimet yemez" (turkish word) when he have been walk there with his crew he died and was buried here. Since then, when sailors is coming here , they throw pieces of stale bread to mausoleum’s side for good luck. Evliya Çelebi, himself's journey notes says that when i am coming at this place I make prayer for memory of Latif Baba.

At one time, to throw stale bread to the sea for good luck has become a tradition on the part of seamen. Currently, fishermen continue this tradition, when they are coming to the mausoleum Peksimet Yemez Latif Baba. Of course, it is not possible to know whether it satisfied itself Latif Baba, but one thing is clear the fish are happy.